Why: The Story House is founded on the belief that communities are formed and strengthened through honesty and sharing in experiences. We strive to give equal validity and appreciation to every form of storytelling, whether it’s musical, visual, spoken word, etc… Also tea. We really love tea and it will be flowing freely throughout the night to anyone and everyone who wants some.

What: The Story House is a place where people will gather together to share their stories with friends and strangers. The stories could be told by song, illustrations, poems, or simply spoken! However the storyteller wants to share their narrative is welcome at the Story House.

Who: The who could be you! If you would like to share your story, let us know and I’ll get back to you with the details of the night! We will also have a random draw of stories in the end if we have any time left. To enter into this draw, just write down your name and story title on a piece of paper to put into the drawing hat on the night of the event.


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